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Bed and breakfast in Gunzenhausen – breakfast buffet

Start your perfect day with a perfect breakfast

Start your day with a delicious and large breakfast! Every day a huge offer of is waiting for you:

  • asorted pastries
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • yogurt and many different muesli
  • sliced sausage and cheese
  • homemade jam
  • fresh eggs in different preparation

Drinks go well to a perfect breakfast: Try our

  • tee selection
  • specialties of coffee like Latte Macciato, Cappuccino or Espresso
  • fresh fruit juices

You suffer from an food intolerance?

No problem! We are well equipped in Gunzenhausen! 

We also offer a choice of glutenfree pastries, lactose-free milk, like soja and almond milk and lactosefree yogurt.

You have questions about our offer? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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